Alginate mask STOP TIME



Alginate mask STOP TIME

* reduces facial wrinkles
* strengthens the dermis
* skin becomes firmer and smoother
* The mask has pronounced antioxidant properties.
* stimulates cell energy supply
* accelerates their regeneration

Method of application: you need to prepare a mask: dishes (it is better to use a glass or porcelain) spatula or a spoon (tea, table) to stir the mask; beaker.

1. Thoroughly clean the face of makeup residues, dirt and sebum, remove hair under a bandage or put on a shower cap. Optionally, under the mask can be applied vegetable, essential oil, cosmetic emulsion or serum, in accordance with the type of skin, remove the excess with a soft cloth.

2. It is necessary to prepare the mask immediately before applying! Mix 25 gr., Masks with 100 ml., (7-8 tbsp.) Of cold water (1: 4 ratio), mix thoroughly for 3 minutes., Until a homogeneous mass. The mask solidifies very quickly, so you need to apply it immediately after mixing. Before applying the mask, eyebrows and eyelashes to grease with fat cream or vegetable oil. In a horizontal position, apply the mass in a thick layer (3-4 mm) along the massage lines on the skin of the face (including lips, eyelids) and décolleté. During the application of the mask, the face must be completely relaxed, it is forbidden to talk and show mimic emotions.

3. After 25-30 minutes, remove the mask with one layer from the bottom up, after slightly disconnecting and wetting it at the edges. Remove the remnants of the mask with a damp cloth and rub the face with a tonic or apply a cream according to skin type.

Ingredients: diatomaceous earth, sodium alginate, calcium sulfate, vitamin E, Cova B Trox, sodium pyrophosphate, coenzyme Q10, orange dye, white peach flavor.


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