Alginate face mask “Whitening”


Use area: face
Skin type: all skin types
Shipping Weight: 25 g


Alginate face mask “Whitening”

Contains shiitake mushroom extract, which has a powerful whitening effect. It also perfectly tones the skin and activates the regeneration of its cells. The mask is plasticized.

The “Whitening” alginate mask improves the complexion, makes the skin matte and actively brightens the pigment spots and traces of acne, preventing their further appearance. In addition, the tool has a rejuvenating effect and nourishes the skin with useful vitamins and minerals.

After using this mask, the skin becomes much more hydrated, elastic and taut, and age spots disappear over time, as a result of which the face becomes clean and fresh. Regular use of alginate masks from TM WildLife provides a lasting noticeable result.

Mode of application. 25 grams of the mask mix with 70-80 ml of cool water. Actively stir for 1 minute. Please note that the mask is plasticized in 4-5 minutes, so during this time it is necessary to have time to apply it. Immediately before applying the mask, lubricate the eyebrows and hair growth zone with vegetable oil or fat cream. The mask should be applied to the face with a thick layer of thickness 3-4mm. After 20-25 minutes, remove the mask with one layer from the bottom up, after separating it from the edges. If there are residues, they can be easily removed with a wet wipe. After use, wipe your face with a tonic or apply a cream. To prepare the mask, use non-metallic dishes.

Composition. Diatomaceous earth, sodium alginate, calcium sulfate, shiitake mushroom extract, vitamin E, sodium pyrophosphate.


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