Delivery abroad

1. We ship orders to all countries of the world.

2. Delivery is carried out by Israel Post.

3. The store is not responsible for additional payments charged by the customs authorities of the customer’s country.

4. Parcels weighing up to 1 kilograms.

5. Parcels arrive at your post office at the address you provided when placing the order.

6. The order is collected within 2-5 business days after the payment of the order (Friday and Saturday are non-working days in Israel)

7. After sending the parcel from Israel, you will be sent a notification of the dispatch and a tracking code by which you can track the parcel, sending the parcel is carried out only on working days

8. The average delivery time for a parcel at the usual time is 2-3 weeks, during the holiday period (new year, etc.) the parcel travel time may be increased due to the workload of postal services.

9. If you have not received the order within the specified period, please ensure that the parcel has not been delayed at customs. Unfortunately, we can not speed up this process.

10. Our online cosmetics store from Israel carefully monitors the packaging of goods, but we must bear in mind that the customs can selectively open and inspect the contents.

11. Please note that the store is not responsible for the work of the postal services and customs of your country, and in the event of loss or damage to the parcel, in the absence of insurance, the damage will be paid by the transport services of your country.